August 25, 2014

Welcome, welcome, welcome! (Where is this line from?)

I was very pleased to meet all of you today. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun this year.

Here’s a recap of what we did today:

  • We went over some class announcements. Here those are again, in case you lost your paper:
    • Pre-AP English 1 (Ms. Chapman) First Day Notes

      Welcome to your English class! Here are a few important first-day notes that we will discuss.

      • I will give you a syllabus with a list of supplies later in the week. We will talk about all sorts of class policies and procedures at that time. We will also discuss summer reading. You were supposed to have read both The Hunger Games and one of the following: Life of Pi, The Joy Luck Club, or The Kite Runner. If you did not read these over the summer, you will need to catch up as quickly as possible.
      • If you know that you are not supposed to be in Pre-AP, please come tell me today and see your counselor as soon as possible.
      • My class website is – please go visit it tonight. I post a summary of what we did during the day, electronic copies of assignments, reminders about due dates, etc. My email address is
      • Make sure that you do your homework tonight!
  • We discussed your homework for tonight, which was to send me an email (at about yourself. Here is an electronic copy of that assignment: Email Introduction Homework Assignment
  • We began talking about how to think of vocabulary in this class. Here is that PowerPoint:Vocabularying

I will see you all tomorrow!

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