August 28, 2014

We had quite a busy day today!

We started off by writing about labyrinths and why people find them so compelling. Labyrinth Warm-Up

Next, we talked about homework from last night – students had a lot of good thoughts on the similarities between The Hunger Games and the myth of Theseus and the labyrinth.

I told you that your signed syllabus acknowledgement page is due tomorrow (Friday), and that our warm-up for the day will be a quiz over the syllabus.

We continued talking about and practicing vocabulary, and then we talked about your “Matrix Moment” writing assignment. Writing a Matrix Moment I told you that that assignment would be your homework now through when you come to class on Tuesday. (We’ll talk a little more about this tomorrow too.)

I also mentioned that you have the opportunity to earn 10 points of extra credit on next week’s vocabulary quiz by watching The Truman Show and comparing it to The Hunger Games using this Venn diagram. The Truman Show and Hunger Games Comparison And tomorrow (Friday) I will be showing it in my room after school, starting at 3:30, if you would like to come watch it together!

One really important announcement that I have not stressed enough in class – if you have not yet paid your deposit for your laptop, please do that soon! I think you will be disappointed if you don’t get yours along with everyone else next week, and we are going to be doing some cool activities using it.

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