April 7, 2014

Today in class, we will take some introductory notes on graphic novels as a genre. Here is an electronic copy of the questions you will need:

Graphic Novels – Introductory Notes

And here are the sources from which you can find answers to the questions:

A. Graphic Novel – Mrs. Christopher PowerPoint

B. An Introduction to the Graphic Novel Presentation by Vicky Maloy

C. How to Read a Graphic Novel TED Talk by Michael Chaney

D. The Visual Magic of Comics TED Talk by Scott McCloud

Your notes are due on Tuesday. I’m going to extend the deadline for your essay on hunger in America until Wednesday.

Also, you will need to go to the library during lunch or before/after school sometime early this week to check out a free choice graphic novel. You can choose anything so long as you haven’t read it before. I highly recommend you do this on Monday, because 1) the sooner you get there, the better your chances of checking out something that you like, and 2) we’re going to start a project with these on Tuesday, and if you have your book by the time you come to class, you can begin using the time to work.


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