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Thursday, February 13

Today students read a short poem and answered some multiple choice questions about it — if you were absent, please come make this up. We continued to read the play version of Dracula; although you don’t have homework, you should be working on your project at home.

Tuesday, February 11

Today we finished talking about the text of the novel Dracula — now we’ll be moving on to the play. A few important announcements:

  1. You won’t have a vocabulary quiz on Monday; instead, you’ll have a STAAR-style exam related to Dracula. It will consist of a fiction passage, a nonfiction passage, and a poem that you have not read before, and you will be assessed on critical reading ability using multiple choice questions.
  2. Although you don’t have reading homework over the next two weeks, you do have an individual project (Dracula Creative Response) — this will be due on Monday, February 24. Please work ahead so that you don’t have an overwhelming amount of work the weekend before it’s due.
  3. You will also be working in groups to perform a scene from the play next Thursday and Friday during class (the 20th and the 21st). Here are those instructions (Dracula Scene Performance Rubric and Play Sections).

Tuesday, February 4

Today we started working on the district-required mock STAAR exam. This will count for a small amount in the gradebook. We’ll continue working on this tomorrow, but if you were absent today, you’ll probably need to come in to lunch on Friday. No extra homework for tonight for periods 1, 2, 4, and 6!