Monthly Archives: February 2019

Tuesday, February 26

Today we spent all class talking about Dracula — we discussed the first chapter, looked at the depictions of Dracula in film over the course of the past century, and then listened to part of the audiobook for Chapter 2 (the reading guide for that is due tomorrow — Dracula Reading Guide – Chapter 2).

Monday, February 18

Today we had a STAAR- and AP-style reading quiz over “The Masque of the Red Death” and a related nonfiction article.

Please remember that Hot Zone Reading Guide 7 is due tomorrow!

Also, as we discussed in class, our next book is Dracula. I recommend finding your own copy of the Dover Thrift Edition of the book because that one matches the page numbers of the reading guides. The version that school has does NOT match the page numbers of the reading guides. You can purchase one by bringing $7.50 or you can buy one online or you can probably snag a copy from an older sibling or friend.

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today in class, we practiced answering STAAR and AP-style multiple choice questions over an article (“The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola”). If you were absent, come get a copy — it’s just for practice, not for a grade.

You will, however, have a similar kind of reading quiz on Monday, so be prepared for questions like what we discussed today.

And once again, no movie tomorrow — you get to leave early, but I have meetings!