Monthly Archives: September 2018

Wednesday, September 26

We had our last talk about the Odyssey today! It was an epic adventure for us as readers. We also talked about what happens to the characters after the epic is over, and we watched John Green’s summary and analysis:

Homework for tonight is to read the first part of the Penelopiad (The Penelopiad Part 1 Reading Guide and  The Penelopiad – Penelope).

Finally, we will be watching O Brother, Where Art Thou? this Friday after school. The movie will be finished at 5:45 PM.

Wednesday, September 19

A few important announcements:

  1. Our quiz on Monday will be over nouns, not vocabulary.
  2. If you were here for the extra credit movie last week, you know that we had some problems with HISD’s wifi and had to watch the second half of the Odyssey movie (the 1997 version) instead of Unbroken.
    1. If you weren’t there to watch the second part of the Odyssey, you can watch that on your own this weekend, take one page of notes, and give that to me on Monday for extra credit on this week’s Odyssey Vocab 3 quiz.
    2. We are watching Unbroken this Friday! It’s an early release day, so the film will start at 1:30 PM and be finished by 3:45 PM.

In class, we talked about Odysseus’s final adventures before returning to Ithaca and looked at a poem about Circe (PIE Paragraph 3).

Homework for tonight is to read Books 13 and 14 (9 – Books 13 and 14Books 13 and 14 Reading Guide) and complete the reading guide — you had about a 15-minute head start on that in class today.