Monday, April 30

Happy Monday! We have only about one more month for school!

This week, we will be doing some intensive grammar review. Today in class you took a quiz over Glass Castle Vocabulary List 3 and dependent clauses. Tonight for homework, I would like for you to watch some videos and complete some exercises on Khan Academy.

Please make sure that you log in to Khan Academy by going through the Hub (go to “Digital Resources” and click “Khan Academy”). You should not need to sign up for an account or enroll in my class if you do it this way.

The exercises that I would like for you to do should already be assigned to you, but if you can’t find them for whatever reason, here are the tasks that you need to complete today:

  • Video: Phrases and Clauses (6 minutes)
  • Practice: Introduction to Phrases and Clauses
  • Video: Dependent and Independent Clauses (7 minutes)
  • Practice: Dependent and Independent Clauses
  • Practice: Phrase and Clause Replacement
  • Video: Relative Clauses (5 minutes)
  • Practice: Relative Clauses
  • Video: Simple and Compound Sentences (4 minutes)
  • Practice: Simple and Compound Sentences
  • Practice: Rearranging Simple and Compound Sentences
  • Video: Complex Sentences (5 minutes)
  • Video: Compound-Complex Sentences (4 minutes)
  • Practice: Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

Please complete the exercises in this order.