Tuesday, December 19

As we get through this last week, our priority is going to be finishing reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Tomorrow Reading Guide 9 (CMC Reading Guide 9) will be due; after our discussion, I will give you the rest of class to get a jump start on RG 10 (CMC Reading Guide 10), which will be due on Thursday.

Also – after school on Thursday, we will have a showing of the film version of The Count of Monte Cristo – it takes significant liberties with the story (Danglars is eliminated, Fernand becomes a wealthy aristocrat, and so on), but it’s still fun! If you are able to make it, I would love to see you there.

And as an extra special holiday gift to you, I have arrived at the following decision: to not count your quiz from this past Monday with the understanding that, henceforth, you will study for your quizzes. That means doing the practice quizzes in your blue book, using Vocabulary.com, reviewing your grammar notes, and so on.

The extra credit from the CMC movie on Thursday will apply to something else – I’ll take a look at the gradebook tomorrow and decide what that will be.