Important – The Joy Luck Club Books

As we have discussed in class, we are starting The Joy Luck Club next week. I gave you three options for getting the book: 1) finding it yourself, if you would like to see if you can get a used copy from Half Price Books or if you already have it, 2) ordering a copy of your own to keep for $12 from Bellaire, or 3) checking a copy out from Bellaire.

If you decided to find the book yourself, here is the Amazon link to it.

If you’re ordering it from a local bookseller, the title is The Joy Luck Club. The author is Amy Tan, and the ISBN is 0143038095.

Please make sure that you have your book by Friday, October 20.

If you ordered a book from the school, please bring your $12 to school on Monday or Tuesday.

If you’re checking out a book from the school, I’ll help you with that next week.