Tuesday, April 11

We had some good discussions today about The Glass Castle – I’m glad to see that it looks like most of you are really enjoying the book!

As a reminder, your fifth reading guide will be due on Thursday. We also discussed the essay that you will write for a major grade on Monday in class. The essay will mimic what both the SAT essay and one of the AP Language exam essays will look like in 11th grade. Here is the article to which you will be responding (The New Face of Hunger) and here is the rubric (SAT Practice Rhetorical Analysis Essay Rubric). I told you that the reading guide for the article (The New Face of Hunger Reading Guide) is optional, but highly recommended to ensure that your understanding of the article is sufficient.

And remember – our film for this week will be on Thursday and not Friday! We’ll be watching the 90’s version of Much Ado About Nothing, another romantic comedy.