Wednesday, April 27

Lots of stuff today!

  1. We’re having a close-reading exam over Romeo and Juliet on Monday. It will have passages that we have read in class and passages that we have viewed from the film. The questions will be multiple-choice critical reading.
  2. Students will work on a Shakespearean monologue project for a major grade. You will deliver your monologue on Thursday, May 5. Here is the rubric: Shakespearean Monologue Project
  3. Students will also work on a grammar review project to prepare for their final exam. It will be worth a major grade, and it’s due on Monday, May 16. Here is the rubric: Grammar Foldable Rubric (*****NOTE – I changed this electronic version slightly. I will give you a revised rubric tomorrow.) If you need some resource for working on this, I would recommend…
    1. The Purdue Online Writing Lab
    2. Chomp-Chomp
  4. We also reviewed appositives, gerunds, participles, infinitives, and prepositional phrases.