Thursday, January 7

We started today’s class with a discussion of the first part of The Count of Monte Cristo – it looks like you all were able to understand the beginning of the book!

Next, we talked about transitions and appositives: Ambition Essay – Transitions Handout    Appositives Notes and Practice

You will need to use both of these in your essay which you will write tomorrow. I gave you the rubric and the prompt today so that you can start prewriting: Ambition Essay Rubric    Ambition Essay Prompt

We will spend all of tomorrow’s class period writing that essay.

I also let you know about an extra credit opportunity – you can watch Marie Antoinette for 10 points on your CMC Vocab 1 and Appositives quiz on Monday. Here is that viewing guide: Marie Antoinette Film Viewing Guide

And I gave your the CMC Reading Guide 2 (due on Monday) so that you can go ahead and start reading, if you would like: CMC Reading Guide 2