Daily Archives: September 21, 2015

Extra Credit

As I announced in class, students have the opportunity to earn some extra credit by taking the mock PSAT this weekend at Bellaire. You can sign up at this link. If you take the test, I will either replace your lowest quiz grade with a 70 (if you scored below a 70) or add 10 points to your quiz (if you scored above a 70).

Monday, September 21

We started today with a quiz (if you were absent, please come make it up during lunch). Afterwards, students annotated a graphic of the Hero’s Cycle with the story of the Little Prince and began practicing for the Dracula 1 quiz using Vocabulary.com. Please make sure that you do your best to complete Dracula 1 on Vocabulary.com ASAP – that will help me figure out which words we need to focus on.