February 26, 2015

Lots going on today! We began by reviewing your recent performance on the SARs. If you were absent, those sheets are in a folder on the wall. We talked about the Dracula readings from the night before. Next, students read an article and answered multiple choice questions on the historical origins of the vampire myth – if you were absent, this is not something you need to make up. Finally, we talked about subordinate conjunctions and practiced writing vocabulary sentences using them. Homework for tonight was to read chapters 5 and 6 and complete this SAR: Dracula Chapter 5 SAR

I won’t be at school tomorrow due to a doctor’s appointment, so this is what I told you in preparation: Your activity tomorrow will be to write an expository essay about the nature of evil. Evil Essay Prompt (Please be both serious and kind as you think of examples.) You may pre-write tonight. Tomorrow you have all class period to write; you must turn your essay in to the substitute at the end of the period. You must have and highlight five subordinate conjunctions in your essay. You may use your subordinate conjunction page and your laptop (for the dictionary and thesaurus features only – no research during class time) as you write. Homework over the weekend will be to read chapter 7 and 8, complete this SAR about chapter 7 (there will be paper copies at the sign-in sheet tomorrow, but here’s an electronic version – Dracula Chapter 7 SAR), and make sure you are ready for the Dracula List 3 vocabulary quiz on Monday.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!