October 28, 2014

We started today by watching this incredibly cute short video about the holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead – November 1).

After that, we talked about an Ella Minnow Pea project that is due Friday – a Day of the Dead poem to a fallen letter from the alphabet. Here is an electronic copy of that assignment: EMP Day of the Dead

Next, we read pages 1224 and 1225 from the textbook – Book 10 of the Odyssey, where Odysseus encounters the witch goddess Circe. We watched that section from the film (starting at around the 52:00 mark):

We discussed that section of the epic using this PowerPoint: The Odyssey Book 10

And your homework for tonight (due tomorrow) was to write a PIE paragraph about Circe. Here is an electronic copy of that document: PIE Paragraph 3