Daily Archives: October 14, 2014

Vocabulary Update

A few notes:

  1. I have entered your vocabulary quiz grades from yesterday. The average score keeps improving, so I’m pleased that as a whole you are doing better and better.
  2. List 4 for EMP is now up on Vocabulary.com if you would like to start studying for next week.
  3. As an experiment, I will be holding a vocabulary review session in my room during lunch on Thursday. If you attend, I will also add 10 points to your next quiz score. Some ground rules:
    1. You must be there by 11:45 and must stay the the entire time.
    2. You must be actively participating. No sleeping, working on other classwork, causing a ruckus, etc. – if you’re not there to work, I will tell you to leave and you will not receive the extra 10 points.
    3. Bring your vocabulary list. If you lost the one I gave you on Monday, print another one.
    4. If you eat lunch in my room, clean up after yourself.

October 13 and 14, 2014

On Monday we took a vocabulary quiz! Afterwards, students read self-selected nonfiction articles on current events in preparation for expository essays.

On Tuesday, we went over our Ella Minnow Pea reading guides 2 and 3. Then, we began talking about the Odyssey. We read page 1204 and discussed this PowerPoint: The Odyssey Book 1

Homework was optional extra credit (10 points on this week’s vocabulary quiz) – students need to make a one page study guide for the reading section of the PSAT and a one page study guide for the writing section of the PSAT (which students will take tomorrow). I gave you the official PSAT study guide to help you out, and you also have the mock test that you took a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck tomorrow!