September 26, 2014

More writing today! We talked about the importance of including sentence variety, and what different lengths of sentences can do for your work. Here are some of the student-generated ideas we talked about today:

Benefits of Short Sentences Benefits of Medium Sentences Benefits of Long Sentences
  • gets the point across quickly
  • expresses tone: urgency, terror/fear, anger/annoyance
  • emphasizes importance
  • doesn’t over or underwhelm
  • toning something down
  • good for description
  • creates a flow
  • more detail
  • expresses tone: excitement, rambling

Over the weekend, please finish your personal narrative, print it out, and have it ready to go on Monday. Remember that it’s worth a major grade. Also be ready to take your Ella Minnow Pea quiz (and you’ll need the book for a homework assignment Monday night).

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