September 19, 2014

Lots of announcements today!

1. Homework for this weekend was to read your free choice book for an hour-and-a-half (that comes out to 45 minutes for two of the three nights) and have your parent sign a note to that effect. If you read for three hours (and your parent confirms that on the note), I will give you 10 points of extra credit!

2. Remember you have your Hunger Games exam on Monday. Half of the test will be did-you-read? sorts of questions, and the other half will be applying our reading lessons to passages from the test. Take a look at your grade on the quiz we took on Monday – if it’s low, I would revisit your notes.

3. The other Pre-AP teachers and I have decided to extend the due date for your HUB discussions to next Thursday instead of Sunday. So, to recap, Week 2 discussions are due (both posted on the website and turned in to me on a paper copy) on Thursday, September 25. Make sure that you do all four components – the two discussions, and the two responses to your peers’ comments.

4. Remember that the mock PSAT tomorrow is worth 10 points of extra credit on your test – please meet in the cafeteria at 8:00 AM! You don’t have to do anything to prove to me that you were there – the test coordinator will give me a list of names of attendees.

So, in terms of what we did today for a lesson:

1. We spent 20 minutes pre-writing on a blank sheet of computer paper (the blank sheet is important because I think the lines impose a certain kind of linear thinking, which inhibits creativity at this stage) about indirect characterization of your person for your personal narrative.

2. Then we listened to the beginning of The Little Prince, the sweetest, loveliest novella ever written. We’ll talk more about how this connects to some of the other works of literature next week. If you would like to review what we read, there are lots of copies of the story available online – just Google it.


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