September 4, 2014

Today we got our laptops – yaaaaaay! As a reminder, please bring yours charged and ready to go every day in class.

Also, an important announcement (I’ll talk about this tomorrow in class too) – I made a mistake on the syllabus. When I talked with the other Pre-AP teachers today, I learned that their categories are 40% for major grades and 60% for daily grades, and I need to update my syllabus to be in line with that. I have adjusted the syllabus on the website to reflect that change, and I’m sorry for the confusion.

Please remember that you need to be working on your Hunger Games project. That’s your only homework for tonight and the weekend, so I expect it to be well-done when you turn it in on Monday. Please take a look at it tonight and see if you are going to have any questions so that you have a chance to ask me tomorrow, before school lets out for the weekend.

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