April 21, 2014

Lots of important announcements today!

1. We’re about to start our next novel, Winter’s Bone. If you don’t already have a copy, you can get one here. I’ve heard from students that the local bookstores don’t seem to have a lot of copies, so ordering one online might be your best bet.

2. We’ll have a test over MAUS a week from today (Monday, April 28).

3. Extra credit for the test! Go to the Holocaust Museum (admission is free, but you must get a ticket from the front desk to prove that you were there). Do this sheet, staple your ticket to it, and turn it in on the day of the test for 10 points of extra credit.

Extra Credit for the MAUS Test

4. Here are all of the reading guides and homework for MAUS that we have done so far:

Maus RG 1 Maus RG 2 Maus RG 3 Maus RG 4

I know you read at different speeds, but in the coming days you need to be finishing up, otherwise you’ll need to come into my room during lunch to finish reading.

5. I won’t be in my room tomorrow during lunch – I have a meeting! I should be there the rest of the week.

6. Just as a reminder, you need to be working on your graphic novel project…

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