March 28, 2014

It was our last day before the STAAR test! I think you all are very ready to do well.

In class today, we discussed some last-minute reminders about how to go about taking the test. Here was the sheet we looked at:

Reminders for Taking the ELA 1 STAAR Exam

(Remember, go directly to your testing room on Monday morning.)

We spent the rest of class conferencing about your cooperation essays and working on redemption assignments (two essays – they can replace any daily or homework grade for this cycle, and they are due to me by 7:30 on Monday morning – turn them into the box or slip them under the door). If you lost your paper copy, here are electronic copies:

5th Cycle – Redemption Assignment 2.doc

5th Cycle – Redemption Assignment 1

To receive credit for these, you must have a full page of pre-writing and a full page for your essay.

Good luck, students! Let me know how you think you do!

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