March 13, 2014

Today was a revision day!

In class, we revised our “This I Believe” essays. Here was the revision guide that we used:


For homework, students were to revise their mock STAAR risk essay. Here are the notes that I shared on how to do that:

Risk Essay Notes

I also have hard copies of two essays that received perfect scores – please come pick one up if you missed class today and would like one.

Other announcements:

1. No grammar quiz tomorrow – that will be sometime during the week after spring break.

2. There will be a test over The Glass Castle the Monday that you return (the 25th). Since it will be mostly STAAR-style close reading questions over particular passages, there isn’t really much to study. Make sure that you have read the book in its entirety. There will also be two vocabulary questions and six grammar/writing questions.

One more day!!!

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