February 11, 2014

Thief running with a stolen purse
It was way better seing you guys today than it was sitting at the DPS and the bank yesterday! And I really appreciated all of your suggestions for how I should have handled the criminals!

Okay, so a rundown of what happened today:

  1. First, we talked about the scoliosis screening that is going to happen in class on February 24. I gave you a letter to take home to your parents. If they would like to apply for a waiver for you, they must contact the school by February 12.
  2. Next, all of my English students will be taking a practice STAAR exam tomorrow. Please meet at 7:40 in the multi-purpose room (over by the auditorium). You will be excused from your periods 1 through 4 tomorrow, and will be released at the regular lunch time. You need to bring pencils, a sharpener (if your pencils are not mechanical), and a highlighter. You may bring a clean snack (nothing covered in cheese or wet) and a bottle of water (*water* – not Gatorade, or Coke, or anything else). This will count for a grade, so it’s important that you take it seriously.
  3. For the first part of today, we took our vocabulary quiz over the ICB 1B words. If you missed it, you must come make it up on Friday during lunch, otherwise it will be a zero.
  4. After you finished the quiz, you had two things to do, and I let you choose which was for in class and which was for homework. The first was the next ICB reading guide (Reading Guide – Pages 123-155 – and here’s an electronic copy of yesterday’s, since I was out – Reading Guide – Pages 100-123).
  5. The second was making a sheet of valentines, which I will copy for you to distribute to your friends. You will create a single-page document that has six valentines on it (they can all be the same one). Your valentines must have an original (not something you found on the Internet!) pun or poem, a graphic, and your first and last name, so that when you hand them out people know who gave them.

So both your reading guide and the sheet of valentines are due to me tomorrow.

Remember – MPR at 7:40 tomorrow – don’t be late!


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