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Extra Credit: Minority Report and Free Will

minority report

As an optional extra credit assignment, watch the film Minority Report over the weekend and respond to the following question in a highlighted PIE paragraph (P, I, E, I, E, I, E):

How does Minority Report suggest that human beings have free will?

You must turn this assignment in via Turnitin.com by Monday at 12:30 PM. Make sure to write at the bottom of your assignment whether you want it to count for 15 extra points on your next vocabulary quiz or if you would like it to replace a zero on a daily grade/homework assignment.

You can rent this film from Amazon InstantĀ or iTunesĀ for $2.99.

Friday, February 7, 2014


For the first half of class today, we read an article about choice and responsibility as it relates to a recent crime – a wealthy teenage boy who killed four people while driving drunk. He received no jail time because his lawyers argued that he suffered from “affluenza” – he was unable to distinguish right from wrong because he had such a priviledged background. Here are those materials:

Affluenza Article

Affluenza Article Questions

For the rest of class, we worked on comics for vocabulary words. Your vocabulary homework assignment for this weekend is to use every word in some combination of comics and sentences. Your assignment must be turned in through Turnitin.com. To make comics, go to this website. Then, here are the next steps:

  1. After you have finished your comic, click the “next” arrow.
  2. Go the the blue Windows circle at the bottom of your computer. In the search bar, look up “snipping tool.” (You can “pin” the snipping tool to your dock by dragging it from the menu to the gray strip at the bottom of your screen.)
  3. Use the cursor to select your comic. A new window will pop up with your selection. Choose “copy” from the toolbar, and then paste it into your Word document.