February 4, 2014


Today we took a reading check over the first 42 pages of In Cold Blood. If you missed this because you were absent, you must come make it up Friday during lunch. (That is English’s dedicated day – the work that you need to do for this class has priority over all others during Friday’s lunch.) If you don’t come make it up on that day, you will not receive credit!

With the rest of the period, students wrote their rough drafts of their essays on choice and personal responsibility. It’s important that those are complete by the time you come to class tomorrow because Wednesday’s lesson will be all about revision.

Homework for tonight is the reading guide for the next section of the book. Here’s an electronic copy:

Reading Guide – Pages 48-74

Is it possible that there could be another reading check over this material? It is entirely possible. Hint, hint, hint, hint, hint.

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