Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today we talked about the vocabulary from the beginning of In Cold Blood. We discussed the requirements for the letter you need to write about your free-choice book (due on Monday). Here is that project page:

Free Choice Letter Project Rubric

In period 1, we went over the PowerPoint on the PIE method for writing paragraphs. Here is that file:

The PIE Method for Building Paragraphs

In periods 3, 4, 6, and 7, I gave you the St. Lucy’s thematic analysis assignment, which we will complete tomorrow in class. Here’s an electronic copy of that document:

SLHFGRBW – Thematic Analysis

This is for a major grade, so I strongly recommend that you have your outline finished and ready to go (students had some time in class to begin working on this) so that you can begin writing as soon as the period begins. The assignment is due at the end of class tomorrow, and will count as a major grade. Some students have asked if there is an electronic copy of the story – please see yesterday’s post for it.

Finally, some other notes:

  • Your five annotated quotes from the second half of your free choice book are due tomorrow (give me a hard copy, please).
  • Students need to bring their copy of In Cold Blood with them tomorrow, in case they finish early.
  • We’ll have a vocabulary quiz on Monday, as usual. Sentences using each word are due before the quiz begins.

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