Wednesday, January 22

Today we talked about the corrections that you need to make on your “St. Lucy’s” literary device assignment. Here is the original assignment and the story:


SLHFGRBW – Literary Devices

I’ve included the key as part of the literary devices document. Once again, for each question you missed (whether you missed it because you got the device wrong or because your answer was insufficent), you must:

1. Look up the definition of the literary device and write it down.

2. Rewrite the entire answer, with an emphasis on serious analysis of how the literary device functions in the story (see the key for some examples).

That assignment is due tomorrow.

For today’s lesson, we created a giant illustrated plot diagram of the short story, and students answered questions about the plot (three questions for each of the the exposition and rising action stages; two questions for the climax stage; one question for the falling action stage; two questions for the resolution stage). You can choose which questions you would like to answer from the plot stage posters. Here is an electronic copy of those posters:

SLHFGRBW – Plot Stages

If you did not finish in class today, those questions are due at the start of class tomorrow.

And as a reminder, you should have your copy of In Cold Blood by this point – you will need to begin reading it over the weekend!

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