Daily Archives: March 4, 2020

Wednesday, March 4

Important Announcement: I am postponing our Contagion film viewing until next Friday (March 13) because apparently World Geography also has a film going on at the same time.

Today in class, we went over the first Hot Zone reading guide — please come get a paper copy of RG 2 (due Friday).

We began prewriting for an essay about altruism, which you will write tomorrow in class.

Grammar Exam

Here was the distribution of grades for our grammar exam on Monday:

Parts of Speech and Phrases Exam Chart

If you scored a 60 or above, you can add 10 points to your grade by completing a grammar review Thursday during lunch. (You must come at the very beginning of the lunch hour.)

If you scored below a 60 and would like to raise your grade up to a 70, you must 1) complete the grammar review during lunch on Thursday and 2) come take a retest during lunch on Friday (come at the very beginning of the lunch period).