Thursday, October 10

Welcome back!

Today in class, students will get started reading The Joy Luck Club. I will be out this afternoon and then all of Friday and Monday to attend a conference for teachers, so over the next couple of days with the substitute, you just need to read the book in class. When you finish one reading guide, turn it in and ask for the next one. I expect you to:

  1. work quietly and independently.
  2. stay in your assigned seats.
  3. show the substitute respect (it’s a tough job!).

In return, you won’t have any homework over the next couple of days!

Also, some other news that I think will make many of you happy. On Tuesday during class, we will have an open-note retake for the quiz over nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs from this past week. If you would like to retake it, please make sure that you bring your notes packets (and if you lost them, you can print them off from this website — go back and look at the posts to download them).