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Friday, April 12

Happy Friday, and Happy End-of-STAAR (at least for English)!

Today we went over Dracula Vocab List 4; please make sure to complete your Vocab.com and study for your quiz on Monday.

With the second half of class, students began working on a piece of creative writing inspired by Dracula:

Dracula Fan Fiction

Your task for this assignment will be to compose a (short!) piece of fiction inspired by Dracula.

  • It doesn’t have to be a complete story (although it can be) – you’re aiming for about 500 words. It could just be a scene.
  • It should take some element that was present in the original novel and develop or expand on it. You need both substance from Bram Stoker’s text and your own creative imaginings. Some possibilities:
    • How did Dracula actually become a vampire?
    • How would Dracula get by in the world of 2019?
    • What’s the deal with the vampire ladies?
  • HAVE FUN! And make it something that your reader (me!) will enjoy!


This will be due on Tuesday, and you’ll also get the time after the quiz on Monday to work on it.