Monthly Archives: November 2018

Tuesday, November 27

Today we had a lesson on prepositions (please see the grammar section of the website). You practiced writing sentences using prepositions in a number of different ways, and then you did a short activity on NoRedInk. I also gave you CMC Reading Guide 3 (CMC Reading Guide 3), which will be due on Friday. Please remember that #2 is due tomorrow. If you are at all confused or having trouble following the plot, please don’t give up — we’ll talk about everything tomorrow.

Monday, November 26

Today we took our quiz over the second Count of Monte Cristo vocabulary list. Homework is the second CMC reading guide (CMC Reading Guide 2), which will be due on Wednesday.

We will also be having an extra credit movie after school on Friday! It’s Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola, and it should give you a strong sense of the visuals of the era, which I think should help in imagining the text of your novel.

Friday, November 9

Your last JLC reading guide is due on Monday (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 16)!

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. You need to have your character chart finished by Monday as well.
  2. You’ll have a quiz over CMC Vocab List 1 and conjunctions on Monday, so and NoRedInk need to be complete by Sunday night.
  3. We’re watching an edited version of The Joy Luck Club after school on Monday — if you want to watch it with us, please bring your permission slip! The movie will start right after school and end at 6:10 PM.

Wednesday, November 7

Today we talked about the first Count of Monte Cristo vocabulary list. You will have a quiz over those words and conjunctions on Monday. Please remember that your NoRedInk and will also be due Sunday night.

Speaking of the Count of Monte Cristo, if you would like to get a copy of the book, this is the version that you need. You can also bring $7.50 to school to order it.

Finally, your reading guide for today (The Joy Luck Club Reading Guide 15) will be due on Friday, not tomorrow. 🙂