Thursday, September 22

We had a really outstanding first afternoon film of the year! Thank you so much to the students who came to watch Troy with us yesterday – I hope you had fun (and learned something!).

In class, we had a discussion about the first book of the Odyssey. After that, we finished vocabulary, and then we did a lesson on nouns and article. To access the lesson and materials on nouns and articles, go to the “Grammar” tab of the website and look under “Parts of Speech.”

Here’s what you need to be doing this weekend:

  • studying for your quiz over Odyssey Vocabulary List 1 and nouns and articles on Monday.
  • getting your parent to look at the syllabus and complete the survey (posted below this post).
  • submitting your summer reading assignments through

If you are able to get your classroom community item (tissues or wet wipes, for keeping our classroom clean and hospitable), please bring it some time next week.