Wednesday, January 4

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing break. 🙂

We began our Dracula unit today. If you have not already done so, please check out the “Dracula” tab of the website – I’ve put a lot of information up there to help set the mood.

Today we went over some background information about the novel (dracula-schema-guide). Homework for tonight is to read Chapter 1 and complete the reading guide (dracula-reading-guide-chapter-1) so that you are ready for our discussion tomorrow. Remember that I’ve given you a lot of help in the Chapter Backgrounds section of the Dracula page.

Also, we’re having our first extra credit film of the the new year on Friday: Dracula Untold. It’s Dracula’s origin story – how he goes from a (human) Transylvanian prince to an immortal monster.

Remember to bring your grammar and vocabulary folders for the rest of this week.