Bonus for students who check the website…

To reward those of you who check the website regularly, I’m going to make the strong suggestion that you review these items in particular in preparation for your quiz on Monday:

  1. Be able to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs within a sentence.
  2. Know what a common noun is.
  3. Know what a definite article is.
  4. Know what conjugation means.
  5. Know what first-person plural looks like.
  6. Know what tense is.
  7. Know what past tense looks like.
  8. Know what consistency of tense means.
  9. Know what subject-verb agreement means.
  10. Know what a modifier is.
  11. Know the rules for making comparative and superlative adjectives, depending on the number of syllables in the adjective.
  12. Know when you should use commas to separate strings of adjectives.
  13. Know what writers should keep in mind when deciding whether to use adjectives or adverbs.
  14. Know what parts of speech an adverb can modify.

I think that making a study guide for yourself focusing on these items would be a very smart way to prepare for the quiz. Hint, hint, HINT.