Tuesday, August 23

We began today by talking about procedures for starting each day in class. Please make sure that you sign in on the attendance sheet and that you take the papers that I have laid out for you. If you were absent, you can get copies of what you missed by going to the bulletin board next to the SmartBoard.

Your summer reading essays are due soon! Here are the rubrics that I will use to grade them: Summer Reading Essay Rubrics revised 2016. The first one must be submitted to me by Friday, September 2. The second one must be submitted to me by Friday, September 9. You may begin submitting them to me tomorrow, if you would like. Both essays together are worth one major grade (so 10% of your cycle grade).

We also discussed the procedure for quizzes in English. You will have a vocabulary and grammar quiz on most Mondays, including this upcoming week (August 29). Your quiz for next week will cover the list of literary devices available under the “vocabulary” section of this website, as well as nouns (which we will discuss tomorrow).

Students will have the opportunity to earn 10 points of extra credit on this quiz by coming to an after-school viewing of an edited version of the film Troy this Friday, from 3:30 PM to 5:30 in my room (316).

Finally, please remember that your hero’s journey diagram is due tomorrow. Late assignments will not be accepted. Please show me your very best work.