Thursday, January 14

Today we began by discussing students’ ambition essays. I mentioned that the biggest issue that I’m seeing is theses that are convoluted and imprecise. Here are some notes to help guide you as you write your next essay: Ambition Essay Notes – 2016.

I also gave students a new prompt and rubric: Revenge Essay Prompt. We discussed the new strategy I would like for you to incorporate into this next essay, counterargument: Revenge Essay – Counterargument Handout. Students should pre-write for this essay tonight and come in tomorrow ready to write.

We also discussed participles: Participles Notes and Practice. Please be ready to answer questions about infinitives, gerunds, and participles on your vocabulary quiz on Tuesday.

Finally, students read an article called “The Complicated Psychology of Revenge” and answered multiple choice questions about it. If you were absent, please come see me next Friday to make this up.