February 11, 2015

Today students wrote an in-class essay using the following prompt for a major grade:

Hope Essay Prompt

If you were absent, please come make this up Friday during lunch tutorials.

Also as a reminder, students who made less than a 70 on the CMC exam may take a retake for up to a 70 on Friday during lunch.

Homework for tonight was the following:

Homework – Reviewing The Count of Monte Cristo

  1. Log on to your Goodreads.com account.
  2. Find the version of the book that we read by searching for its ISBN (0553213504).
  3. Add the book to your “Read” list and give it between one and five stars.
  4. Write a review of the book. Your review should:
    • be approximately 200 to 300 words – one, two, or three sentences is not sufficient
    • lead with a short summary of the plot (but no spoilers!) so that potential readers will have a sense of what the book is about
    • include discussion of both the strengths and the weakness of the book
    • mention anything special that the reader might want to watch out for or keep in mind to be able to better appreciate the book
    • be professionally composed – no excess of positive or negative emotion (extraneous exclamation marks, words like “love,” “hate,” “boring”), proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  5. Print off your review from the Goodreads website after you have posted it and turn it in to me on Thursday, February 12.

*Hint – if you are not sure what a good review should look like, read some of the most helpful reviews on the website.