October 9, 2014

We spent almost all of today working on your Hero’s Journey posters. I’ll give you time to finish them in class tomorrow, but if you’re nervous about having enough time, you may want to come in during lunch.

Lots of important announcements today!

  1. The library books that we checked out on September 26 are due tomorrow. Please bring your book to class if you would like to turn it back in, and I will send a cart down to the library. If you are not finished with your book and you still want to continue reading it, please bring it and renew it at the library so that you don’t get a fine.
  2. The last HUB assignments are due electronically at 10:00 PM tonight, and in printed version tomorrow.
  3. Here is the third Ella Minnow Pea reading guide: EMP Reading Guide 3 It’s due on Tuesday.
  4. You’ll have some time tomorrow in class to finish your poster, but if you think that will not be enough, you should have someone from your group come work on it during lunch.
  5. If you did not finish the English (reading and writing) sections of your practice PSAT, please come do that tomorrow during lunch.