October 1, 2014

Today in class, we began with 10-or-so minutes of free choice reading for a warm-up. Next, we talked about the first 35 pages of Ella Minnow Pea using your discussion guides. Finally, we took notes on a writing method called PIE, which you will be using very frequently from this point on. Here is that PowerPoint if you would like to review: The PIE Method for Building Paragraphs

Homework for tonight is to either: 1) read your free choice book for 45 minutes, 2) practice using Vocabulary.com for 45 minutes, or 3) do both of those things (each one for 45 minutes) for an extra 10 points. You must bring a signed note from a parent telling me what you did.

Also, I think I mentioned this in all of the classes, but just in case, your printed HUB pages are due on Monday, since we won’t have class on Friday.