May 9, 2014

Today we had our whole class and small group discussions about the third section of Winter’s Bone. You all had some really sharp insights into how that book connects to the other literature that we had read this year.

Afterwards, we watched the prologue and the first scene from Romeo and Juliet – we’ll keep on that next week.

Lots of important reminders:

  1. We have a vocabulary quiz over the first Romeo and Juliet vocabulary list on Monday. Sentences for those words are also due on Monday (nothing fancy, just one sentence per word).
  2. Your graphic novel project is also due on Monday. Please make sure that you bring your copy of the rubric (do not fill it out in the moments before it is due) to turn in along with it.
  3. I gave you a paper copy of the next Winter’s Bone discussion guide today – it’s not due until Tuesday, but if you feel like reading over the weekend you can get started.

I hope you stay out of this miserable weather!

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