Check-check-check-check it out…

You get a million bonus points (in my heart) if you can tell me where that line is from…

Hey, so, I came across two interesting things relating to what we have been discussing:

A comparison of Shakespeare’s vocabulary to that of contemporary rappers

A cool spoken-word poem written by a girl when she was 16:


And this doesn’t really relate to any of our lessons, it’s just fun – a high school student did this project where she altered her photos to see what she would have looked like if she had been born in another decade. That’s something I wonder about a lot – what my life would be like if I were born in 1945, or somewhere in there. You guys should do projects like this, where you get famous all over the Internet.

And since we’re talking about style, I visited Sweet Paris creperie with a friend today, and it made me want to paint the classroom walls over by my desk Tiffany blue and hang chandeliers. You guys would like that, right?


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