March 10, 2014

Happy Daylight Savings Time! I know we’re all super-excited about the time change. We get to wake up and go to bed an hour earlier? It’s a bonanza of good fortune.

So, in class today, we…

1. Distributed SAR #5 from TGC, and talked about a literal response and one that analyzes subtext. Here is the handout of notes we discussed: SAR Notes – Literal Response and Subtext

2. Practiced finding subtext through tweets. You can still tweet me @lizmchapman, if you would like – it makes my heart happy when I get a new tweet.

3. Practiced analyzing drama in a STAAR setting – here is that reading and question set, which is due tomorrow: Anne of Green Gables STAAR Practice Answer Document and  Anne of Green Gables STAAR

4. Took our vocabulary quiz. If you missed it, come make it up Friday during lunch.

5. Homework for tonight is finishing the Anne of Green Gables SAR and reading through page 220 in TGC (no reading guide).

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