February 20, 2014

Today we had our last reading guide for In Cold Blood!

Reading Guide – Pages 310-343

I told you guys about the test we’re having on Monday – here’s that study guide:

In Cold Blood Exam Study Guide

Be familiar with…

  • the major characters, and their roles in the book.
  • the timeline of the murders.
  • the nature of Perry and Dick’s relationship.
  • Dick and Perry’s backgrounds.
  • Dick and Perry’s actions prior to and after the murders.
  • the major steps in the investigation, prosecution, and execution of Dick and Perry.
  • the effects of the murders on the community of Holcomb.
  • Capote’s writing style (narration, literary devices).

Be able to…

  • analyze passages from the book for subtle insights into characters, conflict, and action.
  • make thematic comparisons between In Cold Blood and other literary works.
  • use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • understand the meaning of vocabulary words from the ICB – Section 3 list.

I also gave you guys a practice set of a reading passage and questions, similar to what you’re going to see on the test. Come get a copy from me if you weren’t there, since I don’t have an electronic version.

We started a digital collage project on the death penalty, as it relates to ICB. Here are those instructions:

ICB – Writing Apprenticeship 3 – Collage

That project is due on Tuesday. You will have all of tomorrow to work on it.

As a reminder, I’ll be at a training with the other freshman English teachers tomorrow. Please help one another out with technology-related questions. I know you’ll get lots of great work done!


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