Extra Credit/Redemption Assignment


This weekend, I am offering extra credit/a redemption assignment (15 points on your vocab quiz or replacing a daily or homework grade with a 100).

Here’s what you do: watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and respond to the following question in a PIE paragraph (P, I, E, I, E, I, E – it must be highlighted):

Is Holly Golightly an admirable character?

This assignment is due via Turnitin.com at 12:30 PM on Monday – no late assignments will be accepted. YOU MUST PUT IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT whether you want the extra credit or the redemption – this time, I will not let you choose later.

Also, as you are watching, see if there is anything at all that reminds you of Truman Capote’s style.

1 thought on “Extra Credit/Redemption Assignment

  1. How are we supposed to turn in the extra credit? On turnitin.com, it’s not an assignment so I can’t submit it.

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