Monday, January 13

Today in class we:

1. Took our vocabulary quiz over “Lamb to the Slaughter” and “Who Killed the Iceman?” words.

2. Checked out books from the library. Your homework is read the first 30 pages of your book (at least) and go to and complete the questions for that reading. If you have not yet set up your account, see the posts from last week for instructions on how to do so. The questions to which you will be responding are:

  1. Who is the main character? What strengths and flaws (think: physical, mental, emotional, supernatural, talents, etc.) does he or she possess?
  2. In what kind of world does the story take place? (How is it like ours? How is it unlike the world with which you are familiar?)
  3. What do you anticipate the biggest problem in the story will be?
  4. Select one quote from the book that strikes you – something funny, interesting, or confusing – and explain why you chose it.

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