Friday, January 10

In today’s class, we went over some important announcements about policies and procedures for Pre-AP English 1. Here is that sheet, in case you would like to review them:

Spring Semester Updates

One of the most important announcements was the list of books you will need to find copies of – some of you asked me to post the Amazon link to those titles, so here you go:

We continued to talk about our vocabulary words. As a reminder, you’ll have a quiz over those on Monday, and your homework for the weekend is to write sentences for each one.

In the remaining time, we read two articles that related to “Lamb to the Slaughter” from the textbook, and students worked on an accompanying reading guide.

Here is that reading guide:

Who Killed the Iceman – Reading Guide

And you can access the textbook by going to this website. The username is cralph40 and the password is w8v3j – click “go to the online textbook” and then under the “select a chapter” drop-down menu, choose Unit 5, then choose the two articles from the second drop-down menu. Your reading guide is due on Monday – no late work will be accepted.

And as a final important reminder, we are meeting in the library at the beginning of class on Monday. If you arrive at the classroom, you will find it locked and empty. If you have a book that you need to return or a fine that you need to pay, please be ready to take care of that business before you check out another book.

Have a great weekend!

PS – Here’s a cool video about forensic anthopology (one of our vocabulary words!):


3 thoughts on “Friday, January 10

  1. Ms. Chapman I’ve tried to use the online textbook but it keeps telling me that the user is not found. So do you know if there’s another way to log in to use it?

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