Wednesday, December 4

Gladwell Bear
“Rawr! I am a bear!” – Malcolm Gladwell

Today in class, students worked on their Malcolm Gladwell group projects. Students are designing a presentation to be delivered next Thursday and Friday on life lessons for high school students from their Malcolm Gladwell books and the Odyssey. Here is the project information sheet:

Gladwell Book Presentation Project

Today, students took notes on the questions in their book’s row (see the project info sheet). If you were absent, please ask your group members to catch you up on their progress!

Also, for homework students are to read Books 16 and 17 of the Odyssey from the textbook (pages 1242-9). Here is an electronic version:

Odyssey Textbook – Part 2

Please make sure you have read this, as you will need to know what happened for tomorrow. There could be a reading check!

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