Tuesday, December 2


Today in class we read Book 12 of the Odyssey, in which Odysseus meets the Sirens, Scylla, and Charbydis (pages 1230-6 in the textbook). Then we read one of my favorite essays of all time, “Solitude and Leadership” – your assignment was to write a paragraph analyzing whether Odysseus demonstrates that kind of leadership. (One point I want to make – you need to write your response explaining if his leadership style is consistent with the one that the author of “Solitude and Leadership” describes, not whether you believe that Odysseus is a leader or whether he is a good leader.)

If you did not get to finish, here are the electronic copies of those documents, so that you can turn your assignment in tomorrow:

textbook – part 1

Leadership and the Odyssey

Solitude and Leadership

A reminder that the videogame extra credit is due tomorrow if you would like!

And here’s the detention slip that I mentioned to some of you:


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