Thursday, October 3

Today in class, we:
Vocabulary – Girls and Boys Only Books

Used your medium-level vocabulary lists to write about an article on a series of books published as “for girls only” and “for boys only.” The article and instructions are above if you need to continue working on yours at home or if you were absent. This is due Monday before your vocabulary quiz.

We began talking about plot and Freytag’s Triangle, as it relates to “The Most Dangerous Game.” In period 1, we also talked particularly about how the author establishes an ominous mood in the first part of the story, and how we can predict that something bad is going to happen from the language that he uses.

Remember! Vocabulary quiz corrections are due tomorrow. And you should be getting your final draft of the Reaping POV Scene ready to turn in on Monday.

One more day until the weekend! I’m going to a teacher conference on writing on Saturday, which I’m pretty jazzed about. I hope you guys are all doing something fun too!



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