Tuesday, October 1, and Wednesday, October 2


This week, we’re trying a different approach to studying vocabulary. We divided up the list of vocabulary words into three sections (10 in each for Pre-AP, 6 or 7 in each for Academic) – a) those you considered to be most challenging, b) those with which you felt most comfortable, and c) those remaining, which should theoretically be the words in the middle of your range of comfort and understanding.

With the words in your “easiest” list, you wrote stories using some creative postcards I had as inspiration. If you missed this assignment because you were absent, you can either come in and I will let you see a postcard, or you can choose one of the images from artist Michael Sowa here:


(Notice how this style of art meets the definition of “surreal” that we discussed last week.)

You are keeping your stories until Monday to use in studying for your vocabulary quiz. You’ll turn them in to me on Monday prior to your quiz, along with our vocabulary warm-ups on Thursday and Friday.


You turned in your summer reading projects – if for some reason you didn’t have one to give to me, get it to me tomorrow, as it’s a major grade!

I handed back your Reaping scene POV rough drafts with lots of comments. Please, please take those seriously and incorporate them into your final copies, which are due on Monday.

We talked about the importance of pre-writing, and you completed a timed writing assignment on whether intelligence or strength contributes more to success. If for some reason you were absent, please come make that up tomorrow during lunch – it counts as a major grade.

Tomorrow, we’re starting a short story called “The Most Dangerous Game” – I think you’ll like it a lot! Please remember to bring your Hunger Games book to turn in to me tomorrow. 🙂



One thought on “Tuesday, October 1, and Wednesday, October 2

  1. For the sexism response, the article, I am having a problem with ranting. What do you think I should do to organize my thought?

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